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Shabbat Shalom -- Some positive, at least, amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Good morning & Shabbat Shalom,

A. News: As I write, total cases on the planet now exceed a half-million.

US: total reported coronavirus cases: 86,012; deaths from coronavirus: 1,301

Israel: 3,035 reported cases, and now 12 reported deaths.

World: 558,502 reported cases, and now 25,251 reported deaths.

B. Shabbat is described as "a taste of the world to come" -- amidst this pandemic, it can be an other life experience. See my suggestions from last week.

When I venture out for a walk, I see fewer drivers; walkers in my development, people whom I had not met before. There is something tranquil going on as well.

C. News II -- Coronavirus in US: (Source: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center)

(This clearly shows the geometrical increase that was predicted, due to the virus' spread and more testing -- but there are also cases of recovery.)

March 1 98

March 15 4,600+

March 22 43,000+

March 27 85,000 +

The cost has been immeasurably high -- world deaths, American deaths; people have been ill and hospitalized; the anxiety has panicked some, frightened others, concerned almost everyone. People have lost their business, are in fear of losing their business, and workers have lost their jobs or fear losing their jobs; investments are down substantially. We have been shut in, unable to visit with family and friends, including Shabbat and weekday minyanim, classes, and our seders.


1. People pressed into meaningful, life-saving and life-enhancing service -- helping others, donating time and funds.

2. The world, and particularly the US, is burning far less fuel -- the airline industry has been reduced, driving is reduced, etc. One wonders what the environmental impact will be?

3. Times of Israel Headline: "UN Sees Guns Go Silent as World Faces Off Against Common Enemy."

4. American and Israeli Political Cooperation -- The White House, Congress, Democrats and Republicans work together to pass legislation.

5. People finding other things to do besides sports and other entertainment. And although we hear of money lost, sports and other entertainment money has been saved.

6. Some are doing better -- financially.

7. Some are eating healthier eating as restaurants close.

8. We appreciate what we had? If we look deeply, this condition can help us realize what matters and what matters a little less.

I miss our Shabbat services (and daily minyanim) and so last Shabbat I davened at shul -- of course, no one else was there.

Shabbat Shalom.

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