Why We Will Be In Israel for Two and a Half Weeks – Or, June 2017 in Israel

I am sure it has happened to many of you – you try to set a date for a major simchah and coordinate the available dates to make sure a number of significant people are able to attend. It’s never as simple as it seems. But sometimes there are hidden rewards—sometimes God is with us. So it is for our son, Ezra’s, wedding – scheduled to be held near Haifa in a few weeks. When did Shiri and Ezra want to get married? When did any holydays fall out? What dates are impossible or difficult for Marian and me, or for his brothers and sisters-in-law, for his sister, and others, to attend? What dates were available at their chosen venue? How does Shabbat affect the logistics? Moreover, in Shiri’s

You Can Call Me Pesach

“You can call me Johnny …” comes from a comedic routine that baby-boomers and their parents may remember. A quick check with Wikipedia identifies the character as Raymond J. Johnson, Jr., created by Bill Saluga. Bristling at being called “Mr. Johnson,” he launches into his refrain – “Now you can call me Ray, or you can call me J, or you can call me Johnny …” It was quite popular back in the day. I never, or almost never, refer to our upcoming holyday as “Passover.” Its name is Pesach. Undoubtedly, many call it “Passover” because they are used to it or because it’s hard to pronounce the “ch.” But there is another reason. For certain Jews, especially those who were Americanizing, Jewish t

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