In our youth, many of us did things that, looking back as adults, we are not proud of. Perhaps we stole an inexpensive item(s) from a store, insulted someone, voiced a prejudice, or worse. We may even smile or chuckle as we reminisce; we were kids. But mature adults do not brag about it, and they do not celebrate it, if they are moral. Last week the St. Louis Jewish Light introduced us to Trevor Kraus. He “snuck” into major sporting events 31 times, and then wrote a book about his cheating, not with regret, but with pride -- and justification, actually many justifications. He recalls how his father taught him -- describing his dad as “crafty,” and his MO as a “spin move,” a term he invo

AAA -- American Anti-Semitism, Again

This past Rosh ha-Shanah, I spoke about anti-Semitism in America, and I acknowledged then that I rarely speak about it. Of course, no one could have predicted the massacre in Pittsburgh, or anywhere else in our country. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh massacre, I spoke about it on Shabbat and wrote in the newsletter and my blog. And now, again. Anti-Semitism is found primarily, though not exclusively, at the extremes of society (and our country, politically, is becoming dominated by extremism.) Historically, anti-Semitism can be found among the religious and the non-religious, men and women, the under-educated or the highly educated. It can be found bottom-up -- spurred by ordinary p

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