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Our Story

Our synagogue

Traditional Congregation of Creve Coeur was established in 1966, the first synagogue west of Lindbergh Boulevard in West St. Louis County. The vision for Traditional Congregation was provided by a small group of men who came from Orthodox backgrounds and wanted a synagogue in which their wives, who came from Reform backgrounds, would feel welcomed and comfortable. Since its founding in 1966, Traditional Congregation has fulfilled this vision as evidenced by the diverse religious backgrounds of its members, who are able to grow in their commitment to Judaism at their own pace in a warm, supportive, and welcoming religious environment.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Traditional Congregation offers the community the experience of Judaism’s rich heritage of Torah learning and mitzvot in a welcoming synagogue environment, which respects our diversity of knowledge and practices.


Halachah is central; we explore legitimate halachic opportunities for traditional Jews living in 21st century suburban America. Shabbat and holyday services are celebrated in our warm and intimate seating sanctuary, which provides both mechitzah (separate) and mixed seating. Our services are led by congregants, with our men and boys reading Torah and leading the davening. We follow halachic restrictions regarding women leading services and reading Torah, and are proud to provide legitimate halachic opportunities for women to participate, such as chanting haftarot and megillot. We have a daily shacharit (morning) minyan and minchah-arvit (afternoon-evening) services in our beit midrash (chapel).

Lifelong Learning

Committed to learning and open inquiry, education is prized at Traditional Congregation. Several classes are taught during the week, mornings, afternoons and evenings, for people of all ages. We welcome anyone who would like to learn with us, and our classes are open to everyone in the community.

Special educational events are held nearly every month at Traditional Congregation and include an annual Scholar-In-Residence Shabbat, Shabbat “tishes” on special topics, Sunday morning “Knosh n’ Knowledge” breakfast programs, and more. We are actively pro-Zionist and host an annual Israel Bonds Program (the only one in the state of Missouri). Rabbi Seth Gordon also teaches extensively in the greater St. Louis community. Beyond our ongoing activities, Traditional Congregation creates special holiday programming for Sukkot, Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Pesach, Shavuot, and more. Youth programs are held on Shabbat and we hold periodic youth Shabbatot with all services, Torah reading, and divrei Torah led exclusively by our youth.  Our B’nai Mitzvah have the opportunity to lead services and read Torah and to actively participate as they grow.

Serving Each Other & The Community

Our congregation is active in the community beyond our numbers. We participate in vital chesed projects – such as distributing tsedakah by collecting funds for disadvantaged school children in the area, providing food and funds for the Jewish Food Pantry, making Mother’s Day gift baskets for women in shelters, and much more. As a “green” synagogue, we also promote our responsibility for the environment with ongoing recycling programs, working to keep energy usage down, etc. We participate in the Inter-congregational Softball League, have won the League Championship several times, and are proud of the fact that many players on our team are also our Torah readers on a regular basis.

Synagogue Facility

Located on six picturesque acres in West County St. Louis, one mile west of Interstate 270, our buildings include a school wing, library, daily minyan chapel, main sanctuary, social hall, and spacious meat and dairy kitchens.  We are happy to respond to inquiries from the community 

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