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When I first planned our one-day stopover in Prague (on the way back from our two weeks visiting our two new grandchildren and their parents in Israel), I sensed that language would be an issue. This would be my first visit to a country where I did not know the language at all and could not deduce meaning from seeing its words. As we made our way through the airport it became real, and even more so as we sought, and then entered, our taxi. Our cabbie’s English was so limited that I tried to think of connections, so I eventually took a shot mentioning Czech NHL'ers -- and as it turned out he was familiar with players like Jaromir Jagr because he played with him in a league in his nearby hom

A Different Trip to Israel

Our recent trip to Israel was unlike any other. We boarded the plane to attend the Brit Milah of our first Israeli-born grandson, BenTzion Yedidyah, and because of it, had delayed seeing our first Israeli-born granddaughter, Talia Ariel, born on Purim and now three months old. (Of course, we went to see our children, too.) Our geographical locus was different as well. Micah and Alyssa now live in Modi’in; Ezra and Shiri are in Elkana, but are soon moving nearby to Rosh ha-Ayin. All are located in the center of Israel. Yerushalayim and Efrat, in the south, may now be only brief visits. Modi’in, a modern, government-planned city, is built on the home of the original Maccabees, and was del

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