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We have resumed in-person services on a limited basis (see minyan times under TradCong News).  Our office is open but we recommend calling or mailing rather than coming in person.  Please contact us with questions or if you need assistance with anything.

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Shabbat Podcasts

from Rabbi Gordon!

Just the thing for celebrating

Shabbat at home!

Kabbalat Shabbat_ Intro and Psalms קבלתRabbi Seth D Gordon
00:00 / 16:35
L’chah Dodi — 3 Melodies — לכה דודי 3 נגRabbi Seth D Gordon
00:00 / 16:25
Shabbat Z’mirot # 1 — זמירות לשבת א׳Rabbi Seth D Gordon
00:00 / 14:18
Shabbat Z’mirot # 2 — זמירות לשבת ב׳Rabbi Seth D Gordon
00:00 / 11:42
Shabbat Z’mirot # 3 — זמירות לשבת ג׳Rabbi Seth D Gordon
00:00 / 13:31

Rabbi Gordon's

Abbreviated Hallel

for Rosh Chodesh

Hallel - Rosh Chodesh
00:00 / 11:24

Chesed Opportunities

Find out about the many chesed opportunities you can participate in by going to our donate page and pressing the blue button 'Learn More About Donation Funds.' There is something for everyone! 

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Zoom Classes with

Rabbi Gordon

Jewish History - Mondays, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

         Register here for Jewish History

Parashat Ha-Shavu'a -- The weekly Torah reading  Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 PM

     Each week we will look at the weekly Parashah from both the traditional rabbinic and often midrashic points of view as well as from the point of view of modern historians.  Although we would love you to join us for all classes, as classes are formed through sharing, you can join the lesson for that week's reading.  Recommended:  the New JPS translation, but feel free to use any translation.   

     Register here for Parashat Ha'Shavu'a

Mitzvah 613  - Thursdays,12:00 noon - 1:00 PM

Bring your lunch!

     More than a "good deed," as it is popularly known, mitzvah in a deeper and truer sense means, literally, command.  I will provide the teachings from Sefer ha-Chinuch (likely 13th C; Barcelona; anonymous). This work numbers the mitzvot as they appear in the Torah, adding rabbinic teachings and the author's own insights.  Recommended:  Have a translation of the Torah with you.  

     Register here for Mitzvah 613

Kabbalat Shabbat Friday, 5:15 PM

     Abbreviated services (including L'cha Dodi; though not Shabbat evening services) and the singing of a few Zemirot. Benefits include -- spiritual ones as we enter Shabbat, congregational togetherness before Shabbat, and learning about something that we will sing.

    Register here for Kabbalat Shabbat


Registration is required for the first class in any topic you wish to participate in.  If you have any questions, contact Marian at

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Daily Minyan

Shacharit: 7:00 AM Mondays

                 8:30 AM Sundays
Arvit: 6:30 PM Tuesdays



Kabbalat Shabbat: via Zoom

Shacharit: 9:30 AM 


•See schedule of Zoom classes





10/23- 10/24/2020

ZOOM Kabbalat Shabbat 5:15 PM ~  Click here to register

Candle Lighting ~  5:53 pm


Shacharit ~ 9:30 AM Shabbat & Sunday

Talmud Class ~ cancelled

Mincha/Arvit ~ cancelled

Shabbat Ends ~ 6:53 pm

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