July 8, 2020

We can and should protest racism.  We should work to eliminate it.  I wrote that weeks ago.  

But we should also know about and protest antisemitism and all forms of bigotry, particularly when they are filled with raging rhetoric and advocate violence.  W...

June 5, 2020

This has been a bad week in America.  We in St Louis were witnesses to it six years ago, in Ferguson, in the shooting of Michael Brown.  And the violence struck people here this week as well.  Without minimizing the harm, this week's events can be an inspiration for pr...

June 3, 2020

On its surface, the Sotah (Numbers 5:11-28), like other defunct practices in the Torah, may seem unworthy of much attention.  In fact, in our times, the reader may find the section offensive to his/her sensibilities, and some will cite the Sotah as among the reasons to...

May 24, 2020

1.  Today is Rosh Chodesh Sivan, a one day observance.  We add for Rosh Chodesh in the Amidah, recite an abridged Hallel, and add a Musaf Amidah.  There is no tachanun for nearly two weeks due to celebrating Shavu'ot, which falls on Thursday night-Friday and Shabbat th...

May 20, 2020

1.  Tomorrow night begins Yom Yerushalayim -- The Unification of Yerushalayim following the Six-Day War in 1967 -- 53 years ago.  How old were you?  

As you know, the Jordanians took control of the eastern part of Yerushalayim following Israel's 1948 War of In...

Today is the 29th day of the omer -- it has been more than 4 weeks since our 1st Pesach seder; about 7 weeks of coronavirus quarantine.  We are 4 days from Lag b-omer, the 33rd day of the omer. (no tachanun on Tuesday)

This is a period of counting -- We count 49 days fr...

April 28, 2020

1. Israel -- Today is Yom ha-Zikaron -- Israel's Memorial Day for its fallen soldiers -- sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, relatives and friends. The War of Independence (1948), the Suez Campaign (1956), the Six-day War (June 1967), the Yom...

April 23, 2020

1.  Tonight begins Rosh Chodesh Iyar, the month Israel officially became a modern state -- 5 Iyar 1948.  Rosh Chodesh begins tonight, for 2 days, through Shabbat.  Today is the 14th day of the Omer, meaning it was two weeks ago last night that we celebrated with our fi...

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Working to End Racism and BLM

July 8, 2020

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